The first global platform for resolving consumer disputes on-line

Youstice chose JUMP soft as a partner for their web portal development. From the very beginning, we clearly defined what a successful portal should look like. Friendly design and easy navigation for the user were a must. From the architectural point of view, it was important to build a quality core suitable for the development and connection of multiple systems.

How to transfer a complaint from the real world into the digital one?

The assignment was a tough nut to crack. How can we transfer a complaint from the real world into the digital one? To prepare the best possible solution for the client, we decided to examine after-sales dissatisfaction of consumers in cooperation with the Lighting Beetle studio. In the targeted study, we analyzed the needs of consumers, the most common habits and the standard procedures for handling issues. We ended up with simple and uncluttered screens that capture the real needs of consumers during the complaint submission process.

To make sure that the navigation in Youstice is easy for the consumers, we tested it in special UX lab. We tested the logic of the individual screens, the orientation within the process, as well as the orientation within individual proposals. To make sure that the results were as accurate as possible, we observed how people of different ages and varying computer literacy used the application.

How to create a modern
web application?

It is Youstice’s vision to operate globally. We therefore prepared the application for multiple sectors, capturing the specifics of the banking, insurance and retail sectors.

Underestimating the precise architecture of the core could potentially make the application inoperable in the future. The key part of the Youstice system architecture is its robust core. It must handle hundreds of thousands of transactions, the accounting engine, and links to applications and e-shops.

Currently, as much as half of all users connect from mobile devices. Web-based applications had therefore to be fully responsive. We developed 4 different views depending on the size of the device users will use to connect.

We knew that in order to make Youstice successful, we had to emphasize the design. We therefore provided the client with simple iconography and friendly design, which draw attention directly to the content.

The project included the translation of the website into several languages. To facilitate the work of the translators, we developed a special tool. As a result, they could insert their translations directly through the web interface, without the need for further interventions in the source code.

Our work on Youstice contributed to the creation of an award winning product. It has won nominations in several competitions:

  • Appy Awards
  • The Customer Gamechanger Awards
  • Startup Awards

Several foreign companies with the need to manage consumer claims also became interested in our solution. Due to the trust placed in us, we also created, beyond the original assignment, a comprehensive product package for the optimization of business processes operable even under heavy traffic.